Get creative with our Bloomsbury range.  Patterned floors in both traditional and contemporary designs

Padua Black_Bloomsbury 1_Charcoal Grey_e

Bloomsbury 1

Bloomsbury 3

La Rambla_Bloomsbury 3_edited.jpg
Cinema Grey_Bloomsbury 2_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 2

Palais Blue_Bloomsbury 4_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 4

Folies Bergere_Bloomsbury 5_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 5

Chatelet_Bloomsbury 7_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 6

Caprice city_Bloomsbury 6_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 7

Arcade Blue_Bloomsbury 8_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 8

Majestic colour_Bloomsbury 9_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 9

Vienna Colour_Bloomsbury 10_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 10

Opera Grey_Bloomsbury 12_edited.jpg

Bloomsbury 11