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Sybil Room Setting_edited.jpg
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Give your living spaces a touch of elegance, with this beautiful marbled tile.  Available in four sizes, five colours and Matt, Polished and Grip finishes to enable indoor and outdoor installations.


Suitable for both floors and walls.

Sybil Light Grey, Cerdomus tiles, Royal tiles, Porcelain floor tiles, Grey floor tiles, marble floor tiles, Polished wall tiles,
Light Grey
Sybil Ivory tiles, Cerdomus, Royal Ivory tiles, cream floor tiles, polished cream floor tiles, marble floor tiles, polished wall tiles, shiny wall tiles
Sybil Black tiles, Cerdomus, Royal Black tiles, black floor tiles, polished black floor tiles, black marble floor tiles, marble wall tiles, polished porcelain.
Sybil Silver tiles, Cerdomus, Royal Silver tiles, Polished floor tiles, Silver floor tiles, grey floor tiles, grey wall tiles, shiny wall tiles, porcelain floor tiles, Italian floor tiles,
Sybil Beige tiles, Cerdomus, Royal Beige tiles, polished wall tiles, polished floor tiles, marble floor tiles, book match tiles,

Available in:

120 x 120

60 x 120

60 x 60

30 x 60





Mosaics and special pieces available