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Supreme Beige, Cerdomus, Sovereign tiles, Sovereign Beige, Marble tiles, Polished marble tiles, Polished porcelain, Italian floor tiles


Supreme Silver, Cerdomus, Sovereign, Polished porcelain tiles, marble floor tiles, marble wall tiles, Italian floor tiles, book match tiles


Supreme Ivory, Cerdomus, sovereign Ivory, sovereign tiles, polished wall tiles, polished floor tiles, polished porcelain


Sovereign Beige Square Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Silver Square Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Ivory Square Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Grey Square Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Charcoal Square Mosaic.jpg

Mosaic Options

Sovereign Beige Basketweave Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Silver Basketweave Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Ivory Basketweave Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Grey Basketweave Mosaic.jpg
Sovereign Charcoal Basketweave Mosaic.jpg

Special pieces, such as step and skirting tiles are available with this range

Supreme Grey, Cerdomus, Sovereign Grey, polished marble floor tiles, polished wall tiles, polished porcelain


Supreme Charcoal, Cerdomus, Sovereign charcoal, polished wall tiles, polished floor tiles, marble tiles, Italian floor tiles, polished porcelain, grey tiles, bathroom tiles


Never under-stated, this beautiful, elegant marble copy is available with book matched decor, and in several sizes.  Natural, polished and grip finishes make this a perfect tile to use anywhere that requires a real WOW! factor. 

Sizes Available:

80 x 180 (only available in polished)

60 x 120 (polished, matt and grip) 

60 x 60(polished, matt and grip)

30 x 60 (polished and matt)




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