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True Terrazzo Veneziana

203-giallo-siena-1-300x300, True Terrazzo, Gra Veneziana, Grandinetti,  Terrazzo floors, Bespoke Terazzo

Yellow Siena

202-arlecchino-1-300x300, Harlequin, Terrazzo Floor, Gra Veneziana Terrazzo, Grandinetti, Bespoke Terrazzo, Real Terrazzo


200-arlecchino-uomo-1-300x300, Harlequin Man Terrazzo, Grandinetti Terrazzo, Gra Veneziana Terrazzo, Real Terrazzo, Bespoke Terrazzo, True Terrazzio

Harlequin Man

201-arlecchino-donna-1-300x300, Gra Veneziana, Grandinetti Terrazzo, True Terrazzo, Harlequin Lady Terrazzo, Real Terrazo, Bespoke Terrazzo

Harlequin Woman

204-avoriolin-1-300x300, True Terrazzo Veneziana, Gra Veneziana, True Terrazzo, Real Terrazzo, True Terrazzo Veneziana Ivory, Bespoke Terrazzo


205-rosa-corallo-1-300x300, True Terrazzo Veneziana Coral Pink, Gra Veneziana, Pink Terrazzo, Real Terrazzo, Bespoke Terrazzo, Real Terrazzo

Coral Pink

211-san-giuliano-1-300x300, Gra Veneziana, Grandinetti, True Terrazzo Veneziana St Julian, Real Terrazzo, True Terrazzo

St Julian

210-terzetto-1-300x300, Gra Veneziana, Grandinetti, Real Terrazzo, Bespoke Terrazzo, True Terrazzo Veneziana Trio


212-arcobaleno-1-300x300, Gra Veneziana, True Terrazzo Rainbow, Real Terrazzo, Bespoke Terrazzo, Grandinetti


213-verde-de-lumi-1-300x300, Gra Venaeziana, Grandinetti, True Veneziana Green Lights, Real Terrazzo, Bespoke Terrazzo

Green Lights

214-grigio-venato-300x300, Gra Veneziana, Grandinetti, True Terrazzo Veneziana Veined Grey, Real Terrazzo, Grey Terrazzo.

Veined Grey

The True Terrazzo Veneziana is one range in our collection of authentic Terrazzo

The True Terrazzo is a comprehensive range, made in the traditional way.  

Use the colours shown here for a truly authentic Terrazzo floor or explore our bespoke designs.  Download the full True Terrazzo cataloge, or speak to a staff member if you have specific designs in mind.



Polished and bevelled


Honed and bevelled


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