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W elephant skin 60x60.jpg

Elephant Skin

W creme caramel 60x60.jpg

Creme Caramelle

W green guru 60x60.jpg

Green Guru

W tasty oyster 60x60.jpg

Tasty Oyster

W so chic brown 60x60.jpg

So Chic Brown

W perfect nude 60x60.jpg

Perfect Nude

W sage and butter 60x60.jpg

Sage & Butter

W forever pink 60x60.jpg

Forever Pink

W ocean surf 60x60.jpg

Ocean Surf

The Versailles range, for a touch of elegance and opulence.  Nine beautiful understated plain colours to bring alive the ten magnificent wallpaper effect designs.


60 x 60 (plain)

60 x 120 (plain & patterns)

Patterned tiles create two tile panels of 120 x 120cm

W floral olive 60x120.jpg

Floral Olive

W floral bordeaux 60x120.jpg

Floral Bordeaux

W floral blue 60x120.jpg

Floral Blue

W herbarium emerald 60x120.jpg

Herberium Emerald

W herbarium ocre 60x120.jpg

Herberium Ocra

W tian emerald 60x120.jpg

Tian Emerald

W tian rose 60x120.jpg

Tian Rose

W tian ocre 60x120.jpg

Tian Ocre

W toile de jouy bordeaux 60x120.jpg

Toile de Jouy Bordeaux

W toile de jouy olive 60x120.jpg

Toile de Jouy Olive

W fascia tian emerald 30x60.jpg


Tian Emerald

W fascia tian rose 30x60.jpg


Tian Rose

W fascia tian ocre 30x60.jpg


Tian Ocre

W fascia toile de jouy bordeaux 30x60.jpg

Fascia Toile de Jouy Bordeaux

W fascia toile de jouy olive 30x60.jpg

Fascia Toile de Jouy Olive

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